April 5, 2018

To Whom it May Concern:

Ms.Juelene Beck served as an expert for me in a lawsuit where my client found a foreign material in his meal,served to him by a chain restaurant.As a result,my client became very ill.i had never handled a case where i needed such an expert,therefore,i did research and spoke with several other experts in the field before retaining Ms.Beck.i was looking for an expert to discuss the industry standards for food service and to opine on whether or not serving a food item in the condition my client received it was acceptable.such a case fell within Ms.Beck’s expertise.

I chose Ms.Beck as the expert because she demonstrated the utmost professionalism,knowledge in the field,and willingness to work with deadlines and within a budget.My experince with her was among the best i have had with an expert She was easy to reach,pleasant,and competent.

Ms Beck allowed me to send the food item to her;she examined it,along with pictures taken of the food item.she then provided me with a detailed report which revealed her findings.Ms. Beck’s report was thorough and gave me with a tool that i will be able to use in settlement negotiations, as well as at trial.Ms Beck did all of this within a short periord of time and her fee was reasonable.

if i am ever presendted with the opportunity to handle another case within Ms.Beck’s wide realm of expertise,i will certainly retain her again.Moreover,i highly recommend her to other attorneys who may need such an expert.