Juelene Beck Is The Chain Restaurant Expert Witness You’re Looking For

If you are a restaurant owner or legal representative who has found themselves wrapped up in a case involving either the food or restaurant industries, you may be in need of a restaurant expert witness. Juelene Beck & Associates, LLC is located in Miami and has been offering expert witness and independent counseling for over twelve years. Below we will explain who Juelene Beck is, what an expert witness is and what they do, and why you should call Juelene Beck and her associates. Whether you own a small family-run restaurant or are a franchiser of or a franchisee of a large chain of restaurants, Juelene Beck and her associates are the perfect choice for you to hire for consultation or as an expert witness.

Chain Restaurant Operations and Management Expert Witness & Consultant

Quick Service, Fast Food, Fast Casual, Family Dining, Casual Dining, and Fine Dining Restaurants

Juelene Beck is a thought leader with over 35 years of experience in leading U.S. chain restaurants, franchise organizations and consumer products companies, including Burger King, Subway, Dunkin’ Donuts, Sara Lee Corporation and Procter & Gamble.

As President of her own chain restaurant and food safety consulting firm, Juelene Beck & Associates, Ms. Beck balances her food industry consulting assignments with an expert witness practice, assisting plaintiff or defense attorneys in legal disputes relating to:

  • Chain restaurant operations and management including burns and slip and falls
  • Food safety systems
  • Supply chain management
  • Food product development and related areas
  • Quick service restaurant (QSR) franchise management for the franchisor or franchisee

Who is Juelene Beck?

Juelene Beck is an expert witness who has a very strong background in the food and restaurant industries. She first received her master’s degree in food science from the University of Wisconsin-Madison in 1978. She then went on to work on master’s courses for Economics, Accounting, and Finance. After her schooling, she went on to work for the Procter & Gamble Company as an assistant brand manager and a technical brand manager, Dunkin’ Donuts, Inc. as a product manager for donuts and beverages, the Burger King Corporation as the vice president of supply and restaurant operations worldwide and the vice president of supply management and quality assurance, North American Association of Subway Franchisees, Inc. as CEO where she oversaw over 20,000 subway restaurants, among many other restaurant and food industry-related jobs. Since 2008 she has been running Juelene Beck & Associates, LLC which is an independent consulting and expert witness practice that uses her many years of food and restaurant industry experience. While her company specializes in many different areas of the food and restaurant industries she has particularly become a go-to expert on slips and falls, burns, and food safety.

In addition to her working experience, Ms. Beck has also contributed to and been quoted in several different stories and articles for different media outlets including The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, “National Public Radio,” Nation’s Restaurant News (NRN), QSR and many other daily newspapers across the U.S. Topics and pieces she has commented on and attributed to include chain restaurant industry trends, food safety, brand management and strategy, supply chains, and chain restaurant products. She has also been published with “Using Some Physicochemical Properties of Proteins in Coacervate Systems,” “Oxidation of a Model System Containing Liposomes,” and “Food Processing in North America – A Struggle for Survival.”

Lastly, Juelene Beck has been a part of many different organizations. These include the Board of Visitors for University of Wisconsin’s College of Agricultural & Life Sciences where she was a member and eventual chair member, the WFF (Women’s Foodservice Forum) where she was part of Membership Committee where she helped the forum grow as well as led training and network organization, and the Institute of Food Technologists (IFT) where she was a National Professional Member who was instrumental in creating the South Florida chapter of IFT.

Food Safety Expert Witness

What is An Expert Witness?

An expert witness is an independent person who testifies in court or advises attorneys because they are considered an expert in the particular field that is being examined. Their purpose is to provide an unbiased opinion on the matter to help resolve it. They can provide additional evidence, and can either refute or collaborate on information provided by either the defendant or prosecution. That said, they can not argue on behalf of either side, only provide facts or dispute them. They can also only clarify information on areas they are considered experts in and can not give their opinions on other matters of a case. They can, however, be brought in by either side of the case, but regardless of who hired them, they must provide their true beliefs regardless of which side it helps.

Types of Expert Witnesses

While an expert witness’s job is to always provide an unbiased opinion for a case, their particular role in the case can differ. Some may actively be involved in the trial, while others are merely there to look over and fact check aspects. The different roles and the subcategories of each are as follows:

Testifying Expert

This is an expert who is actively testifying in court and whose purpose is to give an unbiased opinion on a matter in a case that relates to their field. Regardless of which side they were brought in by, they are not to take sides and only give the facts of the matter.

      • Educating Witness
        • The job of an educating witness is to teach the jury or judge about a matter that is pertinent to deciding the fate of the case that is unlikely to be known by the average person. 
      • Reporting Witness
        • This is an expert who has conducted tests on something relating to the case and is now reporting the results of the test to the jury and judge. They are also there to explain any questions about the testing and provide the facts as they were discovered.

Non-Testifying Expert

This type of expert is not actively testifying in court and is merely hired to help look over the case for one of the parties in the case and give advice. They may be present at a trial to help advise an attorney but are not actively a part of the trial. A non-testifying expert can be switched over to a testifying expert though, but once they do so they must assist both parties and be unbiased as they do so.


Chain Restaurant Management

Chain Restaurant Management

Chain restaurants are a group of restaurants located across many different locations that are either owned by a corporation, or several franchising agreements. Juelene Beck has a multitude of executive and product management experience with many of the leading chain restaurant franchisors and their suppliers. Because of this she has developed specialized knowledge of the standard industry practices and can evaluate a chain restaurant business with both the lens of an operator and supplier and give consultation and advice.

Chain Restaurant Operations

Chain Restaurant Operations

Despite all chain restaurants being a part of a group of similar restaurants, they do not all operate the same. Some of the different types of ways they operate include quick service restaurants, fast food, fast casual. Some restaurants provide places for you to eat inside as well as offer delivery and take out options, while others are just one of the three or a combination. Juelene Beck has worked with thirty of the top one-hundred chains and has become very familiar with supply chain management, food product specifications, operations manuals, “front of the house” and “back of the house” restaurant procedures. She is more than qualified to help look over your current operations and provide suggestions and information on the latest trends and standard operations.

Quality Assurance and Food Safety Systems

Quality Assurance and Food Safety Systems

Temperature and time play huge roles in food safety and quality assurance. Ms. Beck has worked extensively with restaurants on the food storage and handling procedures of many heated foods like hamburgers, chicken patties, meatballs, and soups as well as refrigerated foods like thawed cold cuts, prepped lettuce and tomatoes. For example, she even helped design and establish the food safety system for the Subway supply chain in North America.

Franchise Management for and between the Franchisor and Franchisee

Franchise Management for and between the Franchisor and Franchisee

While every relationship is unique, there are some common issues that most franchisors and franchisees typically will face at some point. Juelene Beck was a former CEO for the North American Association of Subway Franchisees and she worked on the franchisor side with Burger King, and Dunkin’ Donuts. Because of this she has seen what it is like to be on both sides and knows how to best resolve conflicts in ways that both sides can come out on top. Ms. Beck has become an expert on standard foodservice franchise contracts and documentation, franchise agreements, franchise rights, royalties, licensing, and use of the franchisor’s trademarks or service marks.

Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain Management

To get the various food products, packaging, and services most chain restaurants need to operate efficiently usually requires working with hundreds of individual suppliers. Managing all these different suppliers across a chain of restaurants that can span all across the U.S. is extremely time-consuming and potentially very tricky. Ms. Beck is incredibly familiar with the industry guidelines for food product specifications, quality assurance, and quality control from her time managing Burger King’s supply chain network. She knows the expectations of franchisors and suppliers for each other and will help you work out any issues and help make your partnership as beneficial to both parties as possible.

Food Product Development

Food Product Development

Ms. Beck has created many major food products over her career including ones for Dunkin’ Donuts, Burger King and Procter & Gamble. On top of this, she has held leadership roles in food product quality strategy and execution; global menu management; promotional product strategy and execution; regional food product testing and approval; and the marketing and advertising of new and improved food products. Overall she is very qualified to help advise you on any new product developments you are attempting to create.

Restaurant Expert Witness

Juelene Beck is also an expert witness for patents in the food and restaurant industries that
pertain to newer products, technologies, and equipment. With over 35 years of experience in leading U.S. chain restaurants, franchise organizations, and consumer products companies, you won’t find a better person to help you with your business whether it be in an advising position for improvement or as an unbiased third party in a court case setting. She will evaluate legal disputes regarding a fast food or restaurant chain from the perspective of standard food industry guidelines and procedures. Whether you need perspective from either the “front of the house” or the “back of the house” Juelene Beck has worked both and can help you out. You will be unlikely to find someone else with such an extensive and impressive record in the food and restaurant industries offering services as good as this.

Food Safety Expert Witness

Ms. Beck can evaluate a legal dispute regarding a fast food or restaurant chain from the perspective of standard food industry guidelines and procedures (“standard of the industry”). She offers law firms specialized knowledge in the areas of food quality standards, chain restaurant product development and operational specifications, including “front of the house” and “back of the house” procedures.

There are many foodservice industry classifications, including quick service restaurants (QSR), fast food, fast casual, family dining, casual dining, and white table cloth / fine dining restaurants. Ms. Beck is able to provide expert witness opinions relative to applicable foodservice industry guidelines for these foodservice industry categories.

Food Safety Expert Witness
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Chain restaurants rely on a supply base encompassing hundreds of vendors to supply quality food products, packaging and equipment on a timely delivery cycle. Ms. Beck has managed and evaluated worldwide supply chain networks for leading chain restaurants like Burger King. She understands the day-to-day challenges of adhering to food quality and food safety standards, while at the same time balancing cost considerations. Ultimately, the role of product and packaging specifications is to communicate the restaurant’s decision on this balance to its suppliers.

In the event of a food borne illness or injury incident (e.g., E.coli 0157:H7, salmonella, or lysteria) Ms. Beck is able to analyze a chain restaurant’s compliance with relevant food temperature guidelines, holding times, and the chain’s own operating standards, as well as other industry or governmental safety procedures.

Ms. Beck has played a key role in advising the Department of Homeland Security, the Food & Drug Administration (FDA), and the Center for Disease Control (CDC) in developing foodservice biosecurity standards for food safety to protect against bioterrorism threats. This initiative relates to the Public Health Security and Bioterrorism Preparedness and Response Act of 2002 (the Bioterrorism Act).

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